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Why Nigerians must not reelect failed politicians – Female presidential aspirant

- May 10, 2022

A Canada-based Professor of Education and presidential aspirant, Benedicta Egbo, has enjoined Nigerians to refrain from electing or reelecting the present crops of politicians who messed up the country during the 2023 general election.

This, she said, has become imperative to ensure fresh hands and brains are given the opportunity to correct the ‘mess’ past leaders plunged the country into.

Prof Egbo stated this on Monday while declaring for the presidency on the platform of the National Rescue Movement.

According to her, Nigerians cannot keep electing the people that created our problems and expect a different result.

She said, “The extent political class has failed the nation woefully given the chaos and dysfunction around us- insecurity, corruption, and crippling poverty as result of a comatose economy that is driven by consumption rather than production.

“The challenges facing Nigeria are not intractable because the nation has so much talent, resources, and potential. Indeed, Nigeria can become one of the most successful and respected nations in the world.

“But, that requires visionary, transformational, patriotic, inclusive and at the same time, pragmatic leadership and a political party that has a forward-looking agenda.

“Nigerians have had enough. We need new ideas, new vision, new voices, and new people to steer the country in the right direction.

“In fact, those who created the country’s current problems should not be charged with solving them. You cannot keep electing the people that created our problems and expect a different result.

“So, I call on all Nigerians to join me and my party –NRM- in our mission of rescuing the country. Ladies and gentlemen, with my declaration today to join the presidential race, I believe in all humility that Nigeria’s rebirth has just started.

“Ours is an agenda of restoration and hope that is grounded in patriotism. So, as true patriots, let us roll up our sleeves and get to work to salvage our country; we cannot afford to be complacent. We must reclaim our true position as the “Giant of Africa.”

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