14 Steps To World War III By Fani-Kayode

1. Hamas attacks Israel in a savage and brutal manner killing thousands of Israeli civilians. 2. Israel declares war on Hamas, flattens and occupies Gaza, and kills thousands of terrorists and innocent Palestinian women and children. 3. Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad fires rockets into Israel in solidarity with Hamas. 4. Israel launches devastating a counter […]

US Moves Warships Closer To Israel After Hamas Attack

The US says it is moving an aircraft carrier, ships and jets to the eastern Mediterranean and will also give Israel additional equipment and ammunition. It follows the Hamas attack on southern Israel, which President Biden called an “unprecedented and appalling assault”. The US was also working to verify reports its citizens were among those […]

Israel Retaliates After Hamas Attacks, Deaths Pass 1,100

The Israel-Palestine conflict is taking tolls on the Middle East. No fewer than 1,000 deaths have been recorded on both sides since the Hamas’ launched a surprise attack on Israel at the weekend. Many world leaders condemned the attack, lamenting heavy casualties on both sides.The Israeli government declared war yesterday, giving the green light for “significant military […]