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SDP’s Oni, APC major headache, says aide

- May 21, 2022

Chairman, Segun Oni Media Advisory Council, Moses Jolayemi, has said that the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party is a “major headache” for the All Progressives Congress in the forthcoming election in the state.

Jolayemi, who also faulted the attack on Oni’s running mate, Ladi Owolabi, made this known in a statement titled, APC has lost touch with Ekiti People, Says Jolayemi’ on Saturday.

He said the recent defections of APC’s prominent members to the SDP justified Oni’s popularity.

Part of the statement read, “The APC has emptied its sack of lies and deception, hence the current resort to violence and intimidation using the instrument of office and mindless frittering of public funds in the process.

“At a recent town hall meeting organised by Ekiti in Diaspora via zoom, one of the governorship aspirants reported how his campaign train was violently attacked at Ikogosi-Ekiti, Oyebanji’s hometown.

“It is indeed laughable that raising the alarm over this barbarism means to the APC that Oni wants to be imposed on the people when in fact, it was Oyebanji’s imposition that caused the implosion in their party.

“The aftermath of that is the near-total depletion of their camp and one of the reasons the SDP is now the main force and the party to beat.

“Ekiti people are no fools. Having suffered in the last almost four years of APC’s misrule and inertia. The handwriting is indelible on the walls and the Ekiti people have decided it is time to take their destiny into their hands by saying “O to gee”.  Enough is enough!!

“The upsurge of support from all sections of the society for Oni, the governorship candidate of the SDP, is a major headache for the ruling party. This we know, but there is little or nothing we can do about that.

“For instance, Ekiti debt was on a steady rise when Oni took office in May 2007. He arrested the horrid tide and froze the debt with zero addition throughout his tenure.

For us, we see the agitation for freedom from oppression and repression as legitimate and are determined to fight on the side of the people for that much-desired freedom.

“However, despite provocations, the SDP remains committed to the Rule of Law and violence-free campaign and election. The resolve of the Ekiti people is, therefore, not to be toyed with.”

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