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Police question Kizz Daniel for seizing laundry bus, demands N14m

- August 9, 2022

Daniel Anidugbe, aka Kizz Daniel, has seized the delivery bus of a laundry service company for allegedly damaging his clothes while rendering services to him in Lagos State.

Media gathered that Kizz Daniel, who recently took delivery of his clothes from the company, observed that some of his clothes had been damaged.

Angered by the discovery, the artiste reportedly put a call through to the management of the laundry company and asked them to send a representative to pick up some of his dirty clothes.

After receiving the call, it was gathered that the company’s management detailed a driver to take a delivery bus to the singer’s residence to pick up the dirty clothes.

Things, however, took another turn when the driver got to Kizz Daniel’s residence and was prevented from leaving the premises.

A source said the artiste did not present any dirty clothes for pick up, adding that he made the call to lure the driver to his residence in a bid to seize the vehicle.

The source said, “Kizz Daniel usually gives his clothes to a dry cleaner; so, he called the dry cleaner to visit his house to pick up some of his dirty clothes. When the dry cleaner’s driver got to his house, he (Kizz Daniel) locked him inside the compound.

“He said he won’t allow them to take the vehicle because some of his clothes that the laundry company recently delivered had been damaged. Apparently, the call he made to the dry cleaner was not to pick up his dirty clothes; it was for him to seize the company’s vehicle because of the claim that the dry cleaner damaged his clothes.

“Kizz Daniel said if the laundry company does not pay him N14m, he won’t release the vehicle. The driver pleaded with him but he instructed the driver to leave his house. So, while returning to the office, the driver visited the Ilasan Police Station to make a report.

“Policemen at the station visited his house, recovered the vehicle to the station and officially wrote to him to visit the station for questioning for committing an offence bordering on illegal seizure.”

Contacted, a representative of the laundry company, who gave her name as Glory because she was not authorised to speak on the matter, directed correspondents to the manager of the firm.

Asked for a number to call, Glory said, “I have to confirm from him first because he is not around.”

When correspondents asked if the issue between the company and Kizz Daniel had been resolved, she said, “not yet.”

Glory had yet to send the manager’s number as of the time this report was filed.

Correspondents gathered that the police, upon retrieving the vehicle from Kizz Daniel, released it to the laundry company as investigation into the case was ongoing.

A representative of Kizz Daniel, who identified himself only as Emmanuel, promised to send the number of a spokesperson to comment on the matter.

He had yet to do so as of the time this report was filed.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the incident, adding that Kizz Daniel took the law into his hands.

He said, “He unlawfully seized a laundry company’s vehicle. The police went there, recovered the vehicle and invited him over to make a statement as to what happened. We are still expecting him but his lawyer said he would come on Tuesday.

“It is criminal to seize people’s property against their will and the proper thing is prosecution. Nobody should take the law into their hands by seizing anybody’s property. If you are aggrieved or somebody has offended you, seek appropriate redress.

“If it is a criminal matter, go to the police; if it is a civil matter, you can sue the person or seek alternative dispute resolution instead of taking laws into your hands. It could lead to a breakdown of law and order.”

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