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Nollywood celebrity, beats up Producer and storms out of set

- August 31, 2022

News going viral has it on good findings and eye witness report that a self acclaimed Nollywood actor has been charged with battery on a female producer, who paid him to ply his trade on set. News correspondent spoke with the female producer who gave her account on the said incident that has caused the production millions of Naira, as he has left the production in disarray after collecting his payment. She narrates to news men and said,

“My name is Celestina Sunny am a female producer I called an actor for a job Felix Ugo Omokhodion. I paid him and he didn’t finish the job he was suppose to do, the actor came by 11AM in the morning which to the production team was quite late and said he will be leaving by 8pm, when he has about 15 scene to go it was not up to 8pm, he started throwing a fit and by 7:44pm he said he was leaving, this was against our agreement and also against production ethics. I ran outside to find him inside the car about closing the door, at this point I knew my production was at a standstill. I was at the front of the car begging him also asking him that he should consider the amount that has gone into the production, is said “If u go my money will waste please just give us 2hours we will be done” he didn’t listen to me rather than that he switched on the car and was pushing me while driving the car, at this point I was been bruised as I was holding the Bonnet so I will not fall down he came down and beat me up to a pulp and still left without finishing the movie. While I left to treat myself from his brutal act. I spent over 5 million on the movie, I was thinking he will listen to me because we are from the same State. All I need right now is for him to please pay me back the whole money I spent on getting the production, also damages he has caused. I am still getting myself back from the beating and traumatic event of that day.

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