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No more spraying of money to fans, because it’s turning to something else

- June 26, 2022

Portable, has warned fans to desiste from running after his car to ask him for money.

In a video on his Instagram page, the Zazoo crooner alleged that fans who follow him go as far as breaking his car glass in a bid to beg him for money.

The warning comes days after a bike rider who ran after his car died after he was hit.

Making reference to the incident, Portable noted that those who came after his car were not real fans but thieves and “wicked souls.”

He further told them to go and hustle if they were hungry and lacked money.

Portable warned that he wasn’t going to give money to such fans anymore.

The singer wrote in the caption, “It’s now getting out of hand for people running after my car always when passing by

“No more spraying of money because it’s turning to something else . If I want to show love, I’d rather go to the village and help those grandmas and kids that really need support.”

Last Tuesday, Portable’s aide hit a bike rider with the singer’s car, leading to the death of the victim.

The accident happened the same day Portable celebrated the christening of his child and married his lover during the ceremony.

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