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NG 2023: The President Nigeria Needs – Otunba Femi Pedro

- July 1, 2022

Former Deputy Governor of Lagos State and current Chairman of SMEDAN, Otunba Femi Pedro has added his voice to the conversation on what Nigerians should expect from Nigeria’s Next President.

In a recent conversation with me, I asked my former boss the question I’ve been asking regarding what Nigeria and Nigerians should expect from whoever becomes our country’s next president.

He replied, Henry “The thing that matters most to me in this coming election is to have a President who will devote time and resources to develop my immediate constituency Lagos and the SW.”

“A President who will be sympathetic to my cry for political and economic restructuring and practice true Federalism in all its ramifications.”

“Nigeria’s next President should be one who will decentralise the Federal Government and devolve more powers to the States and Local Govts; promote state police, local govt autonomy, and more revenues to the states and LGs.” A President who will fight corruption genuinely and bring more private sector participation into government.”

“A President who has the courage and battle-tested ability to fight terrorism, banditry and criminality.”

“A President who’s not a tribalist, who’s loved by most from all regions, and who’s liberal when it comes to religion and faith.”

Regarding who among the current Presidential candidates will fit this criteria, he immediately and unequivocally stated that “Peter Obi and Atiku are not and cannot do all these.”

According to him, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is the President Nigeria need’s in 2023. “He’s poised to implement all these and all of the above and more are part of his manifesto which will be unveiled very soon.”

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