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Meet Nigerian-Born Nnadi First Black Woman To Head British Vogue

- September 19, 2023

In a historic move, Chioma Nnadi has been appointed as the new head of editorial content at British Vogue, becoming not only the first African but also the first black female to hold this prestigious position.

Reacting to the new development, Nnadi wrote on Instagram that she is “honoured and excited to be coming home”.

She added; “I’m so thrilled to announce that I’m the new head of editorial content for @britishvogue. Huge thanks to Anna Wintour, @edward enninful and Roger Lynch for giving me this opportunity. Truly honoured and so excited to be coming home. Stay tuned.”

Here are five quick facts about this groundbreaking appointment:

Nigerian Queen Bee: Chioma Nnadi is a 44-year-old journalist of Nigerian and Swiss-German descent. Although born in London, she has made history as the first Nigerian to head British Vogue.

A Trailblazer in Fashion Journalism: She has a remarkable career in fashion journalism. Her journey to the top of the industry has been marked by her dedication, talent, and passion for storytelling through fashion.

Succeeding Edward Enninful: Nnadi’s appointment comes in the wake of Edward Enninful’s resignation as the editor-in-chief of British Vogue. Enninful, who held the position for six years, made history as both the magazine’s first male and first black editor.

New Title: While she won’t carry the traditional title of “editor-in-chief,” Nnadi will serve as the head of editorial content at British Vogue. Her role is poised to have a significant influence on the direction and content of one of the world’s most influential fashion publications.

Historic Milestone: Chioma Nnadi’s ascendancy to this role marks a historic milestone in the fashion industry. Her appointment as the first black female head of British Vogue symbolises a significant shift towards diversity and inclusion in fashion’s upper echelons.

This appointment is not only a testament to Nnadi’s outstanding career but also a step forward in the ongoing efforts to make the fashion world more representative and inclusive.

Her journey promises to inspire future generations of fashion journalists and professionals from diverse backgrounds.

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