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Iya-loja, never made those statements about Igbos- TSO Lagos

- June 27, 2022

In a statement released by the media office of Tinubu Support Organisation, Lagos, the organisation stated that;

The Malicious rumor that Iya-loja general of Lagos Mrs Tinubu Ojo made statements that are unbecoming of her exalted office, against traders of Igbo extraction, is yet another installment in the well orchestrated campaign of calumny against the Presidential aspiration of her father, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

At no time were the said statements made, as they are only a figement of the imagination of the Sponsors of such malice.

Markets and trading centers all over Lagos as everyone have remained opened to IGBOS and indeed all Nigerians to pursue the betterment of their economic lot. Traders from diverse ethnic background have continued to trade in goods and services without any malicious encumbrance whatsoever.

Iya-loja Tinubu Ojo, to her sterling credit, has continued to provide inclusive leadership to Market women in Lagos.

We urge her not to be distracted and bothered by the malice and calumny, she will continue to enjoy the broad support of all Market women in Lagos, irrespective of their ethnic background, be it Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba.

We would also want to put it on record that Asiwaju’s political dynasty has no legacy of bigotry and exclusionary leadership. Asiwaju remains one of Nigeria’s shiniest example in Inclusion and tolerance for ethno-religious diversity.

Tinubu Support Organisation
Media Office

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