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Chicago Academic Record: Tinubu, Atiku To Continue Legal Battle In US Monday

- September 23, 2023

The legal teams representing President Bola Tinubu and the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, are scheduled to recommence their legal dispute over President Tinubu’s academic records from Chicago in a United States court this coming Monday.

This legal battle follows a recent development in which a US District Judge named Nancy Maldonado, on Thursday, granted a temporary halt to an order instructing Chicago State University (CSU) to furnish Atiku’s legal team with President Tinubu’s academic documents.

The hearing took place late on Thursday night, triggered by an emergency motion filed by President Tinubu’s lawyers, who sought a postponement of the implementation of the order requiring CSU to comply with Atiku’s subpoenas. This delay was granted until the upcoming Monday.

Atiku is currently contesting President Tinubu’s victory in the 2023 presidential election, as well as his recent confirmation by a Nigerian election petition court.

Previously, Magistrate Jeffrey Gilbert had, on Tuesday, ordered President Tinubu’s alma mater to provide all relevant and non-privileged documents to Atiku, which includes records of admission, acceptance at the university, dates of attendance, as well as degrees, awards, and honors earned by the former Lagos State governor during his time at the university.

However, as the deadline set by Magistrate Gilbert approached on Thursday, President Tinubu’s legal team approached Judge Maldonado, arguing that the earlier decision by Magistrate Gilbert should be reconsidered by a district judge.

The request for a review and the postponement of the order until Monday was granted by Judge Maldonado during the emergency hearing.

During the hearing, Judge Maldonado acknowledged the legal deadlines in Nigeria and expressed her intention to rule on the matter as swiftly as possible, emphasizing her commitment to adhering to legal processes and rules. She mentioned the complexity of the case and the significance of getting it right.

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