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Between Kadara Ahmed and the BBC

- August 5, 2022

By Ivor Ekpe

I Stand FIRMLY with Kadaria Ahmed.

Unfortunately there is an error people are making about the BBC kerfuffle and it is borne of both IGNORANCE and clouded DISLIKE for Government and Nigeria.

1. Have you ever seen the BBC show you the Dead as a result of terrorist activities within the UK or even in America? Even at the height of IRA Activities of yore?

They RESPECT the Dead in their countries. The show you White sheets covering dead victims.

2. Gaining access by whatever means is a National Security issue.

Whether you like your Government or not, how such access was gained is of importance to the Security Agencies.

And should be of concern to you.

3. Portrayal of Terrorists and Bandits is Glorifying them and their various causes.

It strengthens them and influences their sympathisers.

I laugh at those who quickly spew that garbage rhetoric “Where is the lie?” … I say, look in the mirror.

You may hate Buhari or whosoever is your President but you are the ultimate victims of these activities.

4. Nations battling Terrorism or Insurgency CANNOT succeed without the help and cooperation of the People themselves.

These Terrorists or Bandits or Kidnappers or Unknown Gunmen or whatever they choose to call themselves Co-Exist amongst the People.

They are not Ghosts and are KNOWN by us.

Because you have lost faith in your Presudent, Governor or Village Head should not make you inadvertently become accomplices to these heinous acts.

THINK while it is still legal to do so.

Serve yourself and yours first BEFORE you unwittingly champion the causes of those who make your daily life miserable.

The Government has a RIGHT to query the BBC and justifiably so… so should you for both knowledge and clarity.

I Stand with Khadira Ahmed.

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