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Are you part of God’s supply chain?

- June 1, 2022


Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.” Luke 6:38 (NLT)

Our Bible verse for today is often used as the pre-offering collection verse during church services, though when read in its full context, it goes beyond giving our offering as it also teaches about sowing and reaping in other areas.

Having identified that we can call on God to fund us and that He is able to supply all our needs, we must also understand that in every supply chain, there must not just be consumers, but there must be producers and a whole team that enable and sustain the supply chain, to keep it going.

As believers, just like the fish who gave up the silver coin which enabled Christ to pay His taxes and continue His mission on earth as we saw in our devotional yesterday, we have a role to play in God’s supply chain.

For purposes of our contemplation this morning, the word of God is saying to us that we must be givers. When we give, we do not lose what we give, rather we prepare ourselves to receive more.

Our giving keeps the God Fund Me supply chain going and whatever we give increases the flow and keeps it going round and round till it creates an overflow and by the time it flows back to us, it returns in full, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and it is poured into our laps.

Father Almighty God, creator of the Heavens and the earth and maker of all things, we bless You for this glorious morning. Thank You dear Lord for being our great provider who supplies our every need. Grant us O Lord, the grace to be part of your supply chain always. In Jesus mighty name. Amen


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