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Amount of times Kizz Daniel has courted controversies

- August 13, 2022

There is no doubt that singer, Daniel Anidugbe, aka Kizz Daniel, is talented, and has churned out many hit songs over the years. However, on many occasions, the singer has also been in the news for the wrong reasons. Saturday Beats takes a look at times the singer has been involved in controversies

Arrested for no-show at Tanzania concert

Earlier in the week, Daniel was arrested in Tanzania for failing to perform at a concert he had been paid for. According to Stephen Uwa, the show’s promoter who is a Nigerian based in Tanzania, he paid the singer $60,000 for the event.

In a video that went viral on the Internet, Daniel could be seen being marched into a waiting police van. Another video showed concertgoers thrashing the venue of the show because the singer did not show up.

However, at a press conference on Tuesday, the singer claimed that his absence from the event was not intentional. According to him, he missed one of his flights and that was why he got into the country late. He also stated that his luggage containing costumes and other ‘production gear’ was not delivered to him by the airline he flew with. The singer went on to stated that he would have a free concert in the country on Friday (yesterday) to make up for his no-show.

Seized bus belonging to laundry company

Just last week, the singer and his team took laws into their hands when they seized the delivery bus of a laundry service company for allegedly damaging his clothes.

Infuriated by that, the artiste reportedly called the management of the laundry company and asked them to send a representative to pick up some of his dirty clothes. However, when a driver got there to pick up the said clothes, he was prevented from leaving the singer’s house. He then seized the bus.

However, the matter was later reported to the police, and the bus was eventually released to the company.

Failed to perform at Babcock University

Back in 2018, Daniel was based by students of Babcock University in Ilishan, Ogun State, for failing to perform at their ‘Freshers Night’ programme, even after being paid over N3m. The ‘One Ticket’ singer was said to have arrived at the university campus after the event had been concluded. He reportedly stated that his vehicle, a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, had a flat tire on his way to the school. Dissatisfied with his explanation, the aggrieved students protested and blocked his vehicle from leaving the campus, while demanding  a refund.

Arrived late to US concert

In July 2022, some videos surfaced on social media showing Kizz Daniel’s fans demanding a refund of their money after he arrived at his concert some hours late.

Despite the attempts the singer made to appease them, the fans insisted that he should refund the money they paid for the show. Other angru fans took to Twitter to express their irritation.

However, the singer took to his Instagram page to state that his passport was seized at the US Consulate in Nigeria until the day of the show. He said, “DMV, thank you for showing up last night, and sincere apologies for all that happened. For some reason, my passport was withheld at the US Consulate in Nigeria until the day of the show, and previously booked flights had to be cancelled. That was the same reason I rescheduled the New York show.”


The singer became a trending topic across social media platforms as he was thoroughly bashed by many. It was opined that the singer did such because he had been doing the same thing in Nigeria without suffering the consequences.

Some fans also advised the singer to behave better as talent is not enough, and such actions could turn his fans against him.

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