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The HB Report, founded in March 2022 by Henry Balogun, is a premier digital news platform that delivers independent, informative, and intelligent content. With an emphasis on high-quality multimedia, the HB Report offers original reporting and insightful analysis on politics, governance, entertainment and other pressing issues of the day.


The site provides a daily news source that includes stories and commentary from a variety of sources, including in-house news editors, guest contributors, bloggers and online commentators.  We strive to provide factual-based reporting our readers can relate to. 


The HB Report provides the latest, authentic stories and smart commentary to its readers. We also aim to inform, enlighten and entertain, as well as showcase exemplary role models. The goal is to ensure that readers have access to accurate updates on most  important stories and to encourage conversation and debate.


Our aim is to  become the go to blog for politics, entertainment and lifestyle stories whilst featuring other trending and top stories on most significant topics.



Our content strategy tends towards top stories that matter,  lifestyle and wholesome feel-good news and as such we’re brand-safe to most advertisers.

  1. We deliver unbiased reporting of latest politics news from around Nigeria and abroad.
  2. We will provide insight – taking an in-depth look at different political and public leadership issues, presenting them in a range of multimedia and interactive formats.
  3. We will provide engagement – looking at some of the lighter, more niche topics and discussions taking place , and finding new and novel ways to present them to you.


What you can expect from us going forward is:

  • more content than ever before
  • in a greater range of formats – articles, videos, motion graphics and more …
  • some familiar faces 
  • and plenty of new ones.

If you did something that deserves praise, we’ll happily run that story too. But we mostly keep to politics, entertainment, lifestyle pieces and positive news.

We hope you enjoy our website. If you have any feedback, please email [email protected]


The HB Report Team 



Writing On The HB Report 

The HB Report is constantly seeking seasoned politics/governance, entertainment and lifestyle writers, contributors and accomplished guests to join our network, sharing game-changing  stories with our global community.

Content covers a wide range of areas including politics and governance, entertainment and other significant stories. Contributor positions are unpaid. However, we are happy to put a promotional byline for all contributors including links to their personal projects. To write for us or submit an article, please e-mail [email protected].


Advertise With The HB Report

If you wish to advertise with us or find out about the commercial opportunities available through our website, kindly drop us a note at [email protected] to find out more. Our in-house creative and business teams work extensively with both public and private sector organisations on a range of campaign objectives. Whether you are looking for a tactical campaign or a long-term collaboration, we are open for discussion!