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2023: Support third force, Utomi urges Nigerians

The Chairman and Leader NCFront, Prof. Pat Utomi, has called for a shift of mindset in Nigeria to facilitate a new order of good governance.

He urged Nigerians to support a third force that would fulfill the popular aspiration for an end to the regime of dissatisfactory leadership in Nigeria.

The political economist spoke on Friday at a virtual conference of Concerned Professionals and members of the New Fabian Society.

He, therefore, urged that Nigerians to prepare for a third force government that would focus on the people and not the need and greed of politicians.

The Activist, politician and educator assured professionals the fusion of NCFront with the Labour Party and several others were bearing fruit.

Utomi said he had opened discussions with APGA before recent Supreme Court judgments affecting the party.

The 2007 and 2011 presidential candidate said “the new Nigeria which beckons from 2023 will profit from lessons drawn from the errors of the last 20 years which resulted in failure to fix the electric power problem and neglect of the need to move orientation away from revenues and revenue sharing to production which has resulted in unprecedented unemployment”.

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